October 19, 2012

Fall of the Year

Hey, ladies!

I've never heard this phrase before a year or so into my relationship with Ry.  Apparently it's a real saying, that means fall's a comin'.  Despite my skepticism, I now believe it's a real phrase, and not another one of Ry's nuggets of wisdom that he attributes to wise people, his father or famous people, only to then whisper to me later that he just made it up on the spot.  He makes up really good, quotable sound bites, and earns credibility by attributing it to someone who has more years or experience (and hence wisdom) than he.  Smart guy.  Gets me every time.

It's now fall of the year here in Vermont.  The leaves have turned and fallen. The Connecticut and New York and New Jersey license plates have come, stalled traffic to a complete stop, bought chainsaw carvings of bears, eaten at Ben & Jerry's, and gone.  Now it's pretty much stick season.  And it's been rainy.

A great time of year to be a new mom, sitting at home, nursing and holing up.  It makes for quite cozy times, with a cuddly new born.

Top ten things that I have learned about motherhood, and about Harper:

  1. Harper does not like wearing hats.
  2. I am not afraid of whipping my breasts out in public nor in front of anyone.  I have no more modesty.  They are vehicles for life-giving milk, people! (Often times I forget to put them away, or adjust my clothes post-nursing, and Ry has to remind me that I am half dressed and disheveled.)
  3. Bouncy seats and swings were made by really smart people who were obviously parents.
  4. Harper smiles.  I don't care what anyone says, it's not gas, it's smiles.
  5. My baby is the cutest baby in the world.
  6. It is possible to have a newborn and make dinner.  Sometimes.
  7. Cloth diapers get really wet really quickly, and get everything near them wet, too.
  8. It's true what they say - having a baby is the worst thing you can do for the environment.  I do laundry every day; I use up more hot water washing bottles and breast pump dishes than I ever have before; we leave lights on, and air purifiers and humidifiers and night lights.  To name a few.
  9. I've learned new words and abbreviations from online parenting sites:
      • BTDT Mom - now I myself am a Been There Done That mom
      • BM - both breast milk AND bowel movement.  Don't confuse them.
      • DH, DS, DD - darling husband, son or daughter
      • Photo Bomb - a s*** ton of photos of your DS or DD or LO (little one)

The rest of this post will be a photo bomb.

Pooh face.

My baby can already hold pacifiers in his mouth.  Gifted.


Paci in the eye.

Finally big enough for a baby carrier, which means we can simultaneously drink coffee while holding Harper.

Norse God.

Get in my belly.

First foliage.


  1. Beautiful Pics!! And your points are well taken! Especially number 8 - so many things for baby - it makes me wonder how the native americans did it! Did you when settlers first came, the native americans probably thought they were nasty! English settlers sometimes wouldn't change a baby's diaper for a whole month!? They thought it was worse to expose them to the temperatures than change a diaper... but Native Americans would change diapers regularly - made of animals skins with moss or grasses for absorbency.

  2. Im going to start using moss. Thanks Cricket!

  3. That is one heck of a cute baby you made there! What a beauty, I wanted to squeeze my monitor at work! Glad you are embracing motherhood so well, it clearly suits you. I don't need to say it because you are doing it already, but enjoy these moments - they simultaneously go by fast and excruciatingly slow at the same time (especially the middle of the night moments).