July 5, 2012

What I Want Most Right Now...

Is this...

That is a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone from Friendly's, on a plain cone.

We have been buying a lot of these lately:

...and I fear I may have become addicted.  I have a moderate portion at the end of every night.  Ok, and sometimes a small portion in the middle of the day if I am working at home.

Today I am working at work, and can't stop thinking about the green, crunchy, minty, sweet, chocolatey, refreshing treat that is sitting at home waiting for me.

Yes, we live in Vermont so I should be eating Ben and Jerry's.  Sure, we try to eat really healthy and locally and blah blah blah, so I really shouldn't be eating a lot of dyed foods.  With unnatural flavors. 

But there is something still so wholesome and pure about the old-fashioned, traditional GREEN mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor.  And, growing up in Massachusetts, I know Friendly's is the best.  Because, like most other amazing things in the world, Massachusetts is the home of Friendly's.  I would even venture to say that perhaps this ice cream is almost local...since it comes from Western Mass, and I grew up in Western Mass, and we are currently near to Western Mass. 

Nothing else really compares.  The chocolate chips crunch in your molars a certain way that is simply perfection.  (And they then get stuck in your molars, but that just means you have a treat for later, when you get to pick out the chunks with your tongue.)  And the green just tastes better.