May 5, 2012

Garden 2012

This year is the third year we'll be living in this house.  It's also our third anniversary of us as a couple.  And it's the third year of our garden.

Vermont has had a great Spring for gardening, especially compared to last year.  Warm weather early, enough rain, but not too much, some sunny days.  In this series of pictures, it's late March.  We kept notes from last year, and on the exact same weekend, there was a foot of snow.  The mud pit didn't leave our garden until June!  This year we were able to work the tiller through the soil like it was a hot knife through butter.

This first weekend of gardening was perfect.  The soil, the weather, the tiller were all cooperating.  We spread a yard of compost.  And it was the first year we didn't have to dig up sod - ugh.  We put up trellises, and we planted 200 peas - so we can make baby food!  And tons of carrots and beets.  

Best of all, though, we worked together flawlessly.  It was as if we, just like the soil, needed 2 years of practice and love and trial and error to figure out how best to grow vegetables together. 

* * *

These first two are from our first year gardening.  You can see how much sod we needed to move.  Who needs a tiller when you have muscles and a hazel hoe? 

Notice Ry's long hair.

That was then, this is now...well, this is after the Spring thaw.

I even dug up some potatoes and parsnips - what a delicious and gratifying surprise.

We didn't harvest any potatoes last year - we assumed they all died, but apparently not.
Parsnips! Potatoes! Garden Kitty!


Tilling, and garlic.

Spreading compost.

8 weeks pregnant!

Garlic.  It's our first time.

Peas, for our little sweet pea.

Taco, Garden Kitty.

Then, on Sunday, we built a raised bed out of 100% repurposed materials - an old bookcase, burlap coffee sacks, barn boards and windows!  Equally as gratifying to do such a project and not need to buy anything.
My handyman.


  1. this is so exciting to watch. you have so much land. I love all of your photos and Taco! without Taco we would have never reconnected...well, maybe. are you going to name the baby Taco, too?

  2. We're going to name it Enchilada - Enchie for short. Another reason to love Tacos! Tacos - bringing people together the world over.