May 3, 2012


We can't hide it anymore - we're having a baby!

This is our ultrasound from 6 1/2 weeks. The big dark area is the uterus, and the tiny little doo-hickey is the yolk sac.

We've kept this secret from friends, family and the social media world for so long. That was one of the toughest things we've done - a blog post in itself.  But we're now 16 weeks along, my belly is slightly bigger (but is that baby or my organs being pushed up?).

Today I got to see it MOVE in an ultrasound.  It was an absolute miracle that I did not expect to be as powerful as it was.  He (or she) was flipping all around, fluttering this way and that, and flailing about.  I could not believe all that movement was happening inside me and I couldn't feel it.

So, I'd recommend you re-read all my blog posts from the past three months, keeping in mind that all I want to say is - I am pregnant! I feel nauseous! I want pickles! I think chicken is gross! I am bloated! Commercials make me cry! I am so tired! Instead I had to post sporadically about such nonsense as weekly menus...when all I wanted was take-out.

Mark your calendars, blogfriends, for October 17th (well, as I found out today, it might actually be October 16th because it's a Leap we don't actually know our due date!)  Much more to come.

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  1. congratulations! the thought definitely crossed my mind because of the lulls in blog posts, but people become busy for many reasons. I am so happy for you both! xo