April 27, 2012


My recent absence from the blog world is due to a work trip that took me to Portland OR for the Specialty Coffee Association of America's annual conference and tradeshow.  It was HUGE - over 10,000 people in attendance, and over 5 days of chock-a-block workshops, booth time, receptions, parties, dinners and schmoozing.

It was exhausting and fun and a great experience.

Now I am struggling to get back to life.  It is so hard, and I don't know why!  It could be part jet-lag, part recovering from a varying sleep schedule (or lack of sleep entirely, given that I slept for about 6% of the red-eye).  Either way, this week has been torture.

The torture is mostly about my sleep (I just can NOT get out of bed!).  But it's also about eating.  I am usually so good about having a plan, and having food, and having back up food.  But I am so tired, that I just can't think about planning or grocery shopping or food preparation.  Ugh.

This happened back in March when I went to NYC for another coffee tradeshow.  That wasn't even a different timezone; it was just a long weekend.  And it took me TWO WEEKS to get back into the rhythm of eating.

My recovery ends up being a week of eating out - both lunch and dinner.  And Ry is right along with me, because he is just as thrown off after being solely responsible for his food for a week or so, and then I come back and pass my discombobulation off to him, too.  We're just one hot (hungry) mess.

I am confident however, that because the weekend is tomorrow, we'll get back on track.  We even made a shopping list for after work tonight, and have an idea of what we're going to have for dinner.  Thank goodness.

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