March 26, 2012

Poison Noodles

Man, do I love ramen.  The good kind, the real kind, the bad kind...well, mostly the bad kind.  It is just so tasty.  It might be that it is actually tasty (it actually is), or that it reminds me of the special treat that it was in my childhood.  It reminds me of afternoons after sports practice, before dinner, where we needed a little snack.  It was the first food I learned to prepare on my own by memory, and I took pride in the fact that I memorized exactly how long the noodles needed to cook - no timer needed.  I learned the exact time the noodles were done by the way they floated to the top.  Too long and they were soggy; too soon and they were crunchy.  But I could tell by how they floated and the amount of boiling bubbles if they had reached that magical point.  

My mom dubbed them "poison noodles" because she thought they were terrible for us.  That's fine, but she did keep on buying them, so my brother and I kept on loving them.  In my ravenous adolescent days, I would make two packages for myself at once.  My brother and I would alternate who got to use the wooden toaster-tongs as "chopsticks."

My favorite flavor is Shrimp, much to other people's disgust.  Hey, I can't help it.  That fishy flavor just sings to me.

Ry and I also purchase ramen, and I believe I've even blogged about how we have started to make fancy ramen.  Because, let's face it, it's bad for you.  But if you fill it with vegetables and a healthy protein (like actual shrimp), I feel better about it.  I even made real ramen from a recipe in Bon Appetit, and it was delish.  Not the same, but delish.  


  1. Did I tell you about "Epic Noodles" at our house? J had a case of Ramen leftover after a Boy Scout campout so he and his buddy (2 total teenage boys) made 10 (ten... Yes TEN) packages of Ramen and then coated them with as much hot sauce and cayenne pepper as they could stand. And they ate every bite. And lived to tell about it. And plan to do it again if they can convince someone to buy them another case of Ramen. Little do they know how cheap it is! :-) (I've never tried shrimp Ramen but I do admit that I like the chicken flavor... Except for the swelling of the fingers from the sodium. :-))

  2. I guess my question is why? Not to why they would make 10 packages of Ramen (fine with me! Although I find after three packages, the noodles get soggy really quickly). But why hot sauce and cayenne!? I would challenge them to a do-over. I have three bucks and can get a case for them ;)