March 26, 2012


It's amazing what just a little fanciness can do.  Ry and I have actual silver silverware.  Now, it's not polished, and it doesn't match.  Ry either got it from a thrift store, or from leftover from his grandmother.  

We also eat off of actual china.  When we first started wedding planning, I bought all the cheap pretty plates from thrift stores I could find, with the thought that we would have funky, unmatching, fancy plates for our wedding.  When we realized what madness that would have been for two wedding parties, and 150 guests x 2, and for doing our own dishes, and for carting them around from Virginia to Massachusetts to Vermont, we decided against it.  However, not before we collected a few gems, like the one above.  

So most nights, even if we're just having chicken sausage, edamame and rice, it looks like we are dining like royalty - with china and silver.  And it just makes us so happy.  We fight over the above plate, because it's the fanciest.  The same goes for using a tablecloth - it changes the whole mentality about dinner.


  1. That's awesome! It's the little things. For us, lighting a candle instantly makes dinner feel fancy.

  2. I love it. French music in the background, and you got yourself a fine dining experience!