February 17, 2012


Oh, they look so good!

Wow.  I had a complete culinary failure this week, probably the worst in my history.  And on Valentine's Day no less.  I still laugh when I think about it.

The painful part is that I spent SO MUCH TIME prepping this delectable meal on Sunday, and spent all day Monday and Tuesday hardly containing my excitement for the dinner.  Not only was it going to be our vegetarian meal for the week (which why we are having such trouble finding vegetarian meals just once a week is a full story in and of itself), but it was also a DIY adventure, that helped clean out our freezer and gave me validation that it was worth freezing that ricotta, and saving that tiny little bit of pumpkin.

The culprit?  Pumpkin-Three-Cheese Ravioli.

The dream?  Pumpkin puree, a mixture of goat, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, sage and some other spices, all mixed together then spooned together delicately onto wonton wrappers (a handy trick that is an alternative to making your own pasta!), with a nice Vodka sauce.

The reality?  Where to start...

I spent almost an hour and a half on Sunday afternoon prepping all this - very deliberately stamping each "ravioli" once, then to be sure we didn't have any blowouts, folding the excess wonton wrapper over the existing stamp, and re-stamping.  I made about 30, hoping I could make two meals out of this.  That part was fine - it was going to be worth it.

I decided to freeze them.  They were a little floppy and a little sticky, so I separated them with parchment paper, layer after layer, and froze them.  I mean, you see frozen ravioli's all the time, right?


I knew it was over when I tried to take the ravioli's I had painstakingly handmade out of the container, and they did not move.  Not a one.  I started to pry them, and then hit them, and then bang the entire block against the counter.  None of them moved.

I resorted to chipping, as if I were using an ice-pick, and had wonton wrapper and frozen pumpkin chunks flying all over the kitchen (to immediately thaw and melt into whatever surface it had landed).  I ended up with ONE ravioli that was intact, and a group of them that I just could not free from the parchment paper. So I started boiling the intact one first, in the hopes that maybe we could have one ravioli for dinner.  It cooked just fine.  Phew.  Then I threw all the chipped pieces into the boiling water, knowing they would explode and leak into the water (Ry's fourth least favorite think to eat - blown out ravioli)...but maybe it wouldn't be that bad?

Then, in a last ditch effort to not waste anything, I put the frozen block of parchment paper and broken ravioli's in the water.  They still did not break from the parchment paper, nor did they cook through.  I had to just throw those away.  Sigh.

So, we had (we did actually eat some of this) slimy wonton bits, in pumpkin cheese water, with cold vodka sauce.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Oh no! That sounds terrible! Sound like you need to treat yourselves to Hen of the Wood! :)

  2. What a drag! But... I would have thought freezing them would have been fine too. Oh well! I'm sure you guys made the best of it and now have a fun "first married VD story". :-)