February 2, 2012

Adultness, 3. Grown-up Adolescents, 2

Point for Adultness:

  • We checked the fuel oil levels and actually got the oil company to come to the house for a refill BEFORE it ran completely out

Point for Grown-Up Adolescents:

  • Have replaced milk intake entirely with chocolate milk

Point for Adultness:
  • Scheduled an appointment with a REAL tax agent

Point for Grown-up Adolescents:
  • We folded all the laundry...but now it's stacked in well-folded towers all around our bedroom.  So close, laundry, so close.

Point for Adultness:
  • Have successfully synched all my calendars (both physical and electronic) and am feeling very organized

Getting there!

(Note to self:  DON'T Google image search "adult".  Now I need to insert a picture of a cute kitten in marshmallows to make me feel better.  Point to Grown-up Adolescents.)


  1. I can definitely relate Katherine! Also thanks for the mallow kitty, awfully cute.

  2. The warning to not google adult and the outfall of feeling the need to recover with kittens and marshmallows just had me laugh out loud among all the other soccer moms quietly doing their thing. Thanks a million.