January 8, 2012

Weekly Menu 1/8

There is nothing like recovering from vacation, doing chores in a leisurely way, and getting back into the routine. We got back from our epic Holiday Tour with only one day to ourselves before work started up again (we might rethink how we organize the tour next year). It was really tough. But now, after a week of chipping away, and after spending today doing chores, we're back! We've got food in the fridge, corn muffins in the oven, turkey stock on the stove, laundry in the dryer, clean sheets on the bed, the shed cleaned, carrots and parsnips harvested (still!) AND we went to the dump. I don't know if I'd trade these types of days for anything.

*PS, I just discovered Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Dryer Sheets - they make laundry HEAVEN. I've never used dryer sheets before, and I don't think I'll ever go back.

Sunday: eggs, sausage and coffee. tamales from Trader Joe's. our first steak from Jimmy Stone's cow, with fingerling potatoes and salad.
*Sometimes I just can't eat salad, but luckily we've been on a big salad kick. Makes me feel better about this whole New Year's fresh start thing.

Monday: corn muffins. leftover tamales if you're me; leftover dinner if you're Ry. butternut squash bisque and salad.

Tuesday: corn muffins, or french toast. black beans, sweet potatoes and avocado. roast with root veggies.

Wednesday: french toast and/or yogurt. leftovers. tacos, duh.

Thursday: yogurt and/or grapefruit. if no leftovers, then tuna sammies. coconut milk salmon, which'll be my first recipe taken from DALS.

Friday: who knows? Whatever is left in the fridge...

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  1. Can I come over for dinner? Yum. You should also try Mrs. Meyers Geranium Dryer Sheets. Sweet smelling dryer sheets make laundry fun, or at least tolerable. Also, would you mind if I posted the link to your blog on my blog? I think more people need to read this.