January 13, 2012

Two Lists for Today

Things I Bought Recently
1.  A Le Creuset Tea Kettle--when life hands you a cracking tea pot that you got at a yard sale for $1, buy a new fancy beautiful French tea kettle.  I did love my old one, but was thankful for the excuse to buy this one.  Love.  I now drink tea multiple times a night.

2.   Keen Bern Baby Bern Boots--oh how I have longed for the day to see the "Sale" sign next to these glorious boots.  Tuesday can't come soon enough.

3.  A Ziplock Bag Dryer--here's to re-using!  How I love my Ziplocks...

Things That Are Difficult To Do With a Kitten
1. Make the bed.
2. Read a newspaper or magazine.
3. Do a crossword.
4. Walk down stairs.
5. Fold a blanket.
6. Do a puzzle (disaster).
7. Tie shoes.
8. Everything else.

***Update, after coming home...***

9. Eating Hershey's Kisses.
10. Closing closet doors.
11. Closing the shower curtain.
12. Closing the refrigerator door.


  1. Yay tea! And boots! And re-used Ziplocs! Love them all!

  2. You were a lot of the inspiration for each of them:)

  3. We have the same tea pot, but in green. Love, love, love. Did you know Celestial Seasonings makes a Sleepytime Vanilla? It is quite good.