January 25, 2012


This past weekend I went to New York City, and it was simply fantastic.  I was with two great friends, and the quality time we had was by far the best part of the weekend.  But, it was also a trip filled with meandering, exploring, and serendipity.

Like stumbling upon the Seinfeld diner.  I have to actually thank my iPhone for helping us find all these hole-in-the-wall spots that then led us to walking around a corner and--boom--Tom's Restaurant glowing at us.  

I am such a sucker for anything "famous", which means I snapped pictures of all my favorite cultural spots - 30 Rock (Hi Tina Fey!), a Tom Collichio restaurant, to name a few.  I wanted to see a celebrity real bad, and it wasn't until we boarded the plane back to Vermont that we realized we were on the same flight as Trey Anastasio.  From Phish.



We went to the Guggenheim, for a quite interesting show of hundreds of objects hanging from the ceiling.  All by Maurezio Cattelan, who was quite a little prankster.  I liked his GIANT feline skeleton.

Lots of taxidermied animals, like the donkey below.

 Our stomachs guided us, and we each had restaurants we wanted to go to, which anchored our trip and led us to neighborhoods we otherwise would not have been to!  I even got a piece of Crack Pie at Milk.  So, we walked and ate and drank lattes, and ate gelato in the snow, and oogled salami's hanging in windows of Little Italy, and spent luxurious amounts of time in design stores, and so much more.
Coffee at Joe's.  Nice place.  

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