January 11, 2012

My Space

We've lived in our little apartment/house for almost three years now, and just this weekend, I finally crafted a space for myself in our spare room. This has been on our Eat/Buy/Do list since 2009 and finally-FINALLY-there is a place for me to go craft, do puzzles, pay bills, organize stuff, do taxes, and the like. I've started to call it my office space.

It wasn't even all that hard to do. I guess I just haven't found the time or the inspiration before now. But, in the year of the Adult, it's time. I NEED my own space, but didn't know how much until I actually created it. I find myself just looking in the room on the way up or downstairs, just to breathe it in.

Don't mind the mess on the table - that's my first project...organizing detritus that has built up around our house. After only three days of having the "office space", I have since tidied up, and set out a highly challenging puzzle for my winter enjoyment.

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