January 9, 2012

I Resolve to be an Adult

I have a long list of New Year's resolutions, including the usual suspects of more exercise!, eat more salad, write more letters and the like. There are also a bunch of other fun ones on there, like roast more meat, figure out how to synch my virtual and physical calendars, waste less food (gasp - I know - sometimes we just forget about leftovers!), and 'work' at work more.

Now we're nine days into the New Year, and I think instead of listing all the resolutions, and referring back to the list for the next 365 days (or is it 366, because of a Leap Year? I haven't looked that up to verify, but it might just be a Leap Year. This is turning into a tangent, but I think Leap Years are so cool, and they don't get the press and attention they deserve! I mean, how cool that we ignore a 1/4 of a day every year for three years, and then just decided as a society to add it all up and give ourselves an extra day every fourth year! Crazy!)

Ok, back to the actual topic...

Instead of the list, I am opting for a mantra: Be an adult.

This can include breaking all my college habits, like doing laundry and then putting it in a pile. It can include making adult decisions, like should we get a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA? We might even get a financial planner this year! This can also include big life-changing topics like baby-planning, and breaking ground on our house-building.

If you know me, you know this will never mean being boring, serious and routine. It's just living a bit more responsibly and sustainably (like laundry - it's more sustainable to fold and put away clothes right away, than to leave it in a pile that eventually gets confused with dirty clothes). And I'll come back to the mantra if I am struggling, and spiraling back into the depths of unproductive behavior reminiscent of my twenty-something 'adolescence.'

So far, so good.


  1. I personally do not mind putting the laundry into the actual washing machine, it is putting it back into its respective home (drawer, basket, hangar) that really chaps my tushy. There is nothing fun about it. Best of luck and if you figure out a way to make it totally awesome, please share it.

  2. Kristin - Absolutely! Please link away:) With laundry, I have the washing, drying and even folding thing down...but I totally agree - getting the folded items to the appropriate drawers is TOUGH. And don't get me started on things I need to hang in my closet! I'm going to link your blog on here, too, with your permission of course:)