December 21, 2011

Motion Sickness

I usually can't do anything in the car without getting motion sickness. But for some reason, I can knit. Even in the backseat!

Today I'm knitting a simple cowl, which is just a short scarf that is then sewn together to make a big fluffy soft sweater turtleneck typ-a-thing.

I got a pattern from my friend Kat, but for some reason I couldn't do the modified lace pattern, so I gave up and am just doing a simple ribbing pattern. Here's hoping it will be done by Christmas!


  1. I love that you are starting a cowl three days before Christmas. That is the kind of crafter spirit I love to see. Go girl!

  2. ***Update: I found out I can't blog while driving. Blech. Motion Sickness triumphs again.***

    Thanks, Amanda! It's ambitious, I know. Happy Merry!