December 27, 2011

Holiday Weekly Menu, Retrospectively

Just one more shot of all the loot.

Make shift fireplace ambience for dinnertime.

Pork Loin Roast in background, with bamboo skewers instead of cooking twine; hearty salad in foreground.

Ry and I are making it the tradition that we cook all the dinners during the family's week long adventures at the beach for Christmas. I love this tradition for so many reasons:
1) it's not very often that we get to cook for more than 2 people
2) Ry cooks with me side-by-side every night, and it's wonderful
3) we relieve the parents of this duty, and they don't have to think about food at all (well, except for breakfast and lunch, where we all fend for ourselves), and we like to be able to do that
4) I get to start brainstorming weeks prior, and it's just so much fun to puzzle together a week's work of dinners, with mostly seafood (which is not my strong suit).

I am glad I'm recording this list so that next year (and years to come) I can remember all we made and either choose to repeat, or build off of this years menu.

Wednesday Dinner: lightly breaded and fried flounder filets (with Tony's Creole Seasoning! I know someone almost got kicked off Top Chef for using it...but we LOVE it) overtop sautéed onions; shrimp cocktail; maple-glazed sweet potatoes; hearty salad

Thursday Dinner: Beef Ragu, similar to this recipe by Giada "Boobs" de Laurentiis; great salad with lots of veggies
*This one was great because it was (mostly) a one pot meal that we started during the mid-afternoon lull, and then didn't have to think about again until just before serving time.

Friday Dinner: Seared Tuna Steaks (rubbed with Tony's...again!); shrimp cocktail; mashed taters; wicked awesome salad with an increasing amount of veggies

Christmas Eve Dinner: Roast Pork Tenderloin stuffed with garlic and apples (served with Apple Butter); oven roasted root veggies; and wouldn't you know it but a big amazing salad
*This one was my favorite, because even though the pork loin was amazing as is, the apple butter made it possibly one of the very best thing I've ever eaten.

Christmas Dinner: Seared Scallops; more tuna steaks; brown rice; and the best damn salad ever, with hard boiled egg and apple slices

Other things we ate: nachos with refried beans and avocados; egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches; Hershey Kisses; "Puppy Chow" (recipe coming soon); gingerbread cookies; grapefruit; turkey sandwiches; and Peanut Butter Bon Bons.

Beer we drank that we don't get up north: New Belgium Fat Tire and 1554 (my fav); Duck Rabbit Milk Stout; PBR in bottles (ok, we get that in VT, but still); I forget all the rest and Ry will have to fill it in.

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