November 11, 2011

Weekly Menu 11/7 - 11/13

Meatless Monday
  1. Breakfast - Liberte yogurt (Coconut, and Apple Crumble are my favorites. And kind of local because it's from Montreal)
  2. Lunch - leftovers from Sunday
  3. Dinner - Butternut Squash Bisque, and wild mushroom and onion saute
  4. Snacks - Red Hen 7 Grain bread and goat cheese


  1. Breakfast - yogurt
  2. Lunch - chicken rice soup from Park Row cafe in Waterbury (Ry had tuna)
  3. Dinner - tuna casserole
  4. Snacks - olives and more 7 grain bread with goat cheese

***Also made a quiche, with tomatoes, ham, leeks and goat cheese***


  1. Breakfast - quiche
  2. Lunch - leftovers
  3. Dinner - Taco Tuesday on Wednesday, for Kate and Don
  4. Snacks - carrot sticks and hummus
  1. Breakfast - quiche
  2. Lunch - quiche
  3. Dinner - stovetop chicken and onions, garlic toast, and wild rice on a bed of arugula (with a white wine sauce that Ry made by accidentally pouring in way too much wine, and sprinkling with way too much salt - but it was delish). Wow, this dish sounds really fancy!
  4. Snacks - olives, goat cheese and 7 grain!
Fish on Friday
  1. Breakfast - yogurt and an apple
  2. Lunch - splurged on a chicken salad sandwich
  3. Dinner - lemon dill salmon, cabbage slaw and leftover rice
  4. Snacks - hummus and pita

This weekend I hope to make...

...pierogis, from an old friend's blog! We both have a surplus of sauerkraut, and I love her method of alleviating that.

...whole wheat pumpkin pancakes

...slow-cooked ribs, to feed Ry as he comes in from hunting on opening weekend.

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