November 1, 2011

Things Ry is proud of right now...

  • science-geeking out on refractometers for checking his beer gravity
  • 15 gallons of beer fermenting in our closets, each a different batch
  • pureeing up our own homegrown pumpkins to use in the Punkin' Porter
  • how beat up his Carhartt's are after giving them some serious wear and tear these past few months
  • his (our!) new chainsaw
  • the new gun rack in his truck
  • his yeast "farm" in our refrigerators, as he tries to cultivate his own Parcell strain
  • the Buffalo Bills


  1. We pureed some of your pumpkin too! And I fear Ed's about to start his very own yeast farm too. And I'm a little scared.

  2. Yes, yeast farming is quite an interesting endeavor. But I guess it's another DIY local homesteader thing to do.

    (And yeah! First comment!)