November 4, 2011

Kim Kardashian, you are NOT the 99%.

Kim Kardashian and her "husband" got a divorce after 72 days of marriage. This, after a huge, expensive, 4-hour-televised "Kardashian Fairy Tale Wedding" Hollywood stunt that cost a rumored $10 million. This, after a $2 million dollar engagement ring. This, after her family warned against it, and there were a few giant red flags - like when they could barely speak to each other at the rehearsal because they were fighting.

As ridiculous as this whole celebrity marriage is/was, and as so polar opposite as this lifestyle is to mine, I can't help but feel a reaction to this display. And I feel disappointment...and rage.

Yes, I DVR the Kardashian show. So I've been following it all, and it's my Sunday night indulgence. Overall I enjoy their shenanigans, family ties, and I think they are funny. (Here's a secret: part of me even thinks that Kourtney and I could be friends). And yes, sometimes they make me mad because of their frivolity - like when all the sisters go to the doctor to get x-rays of Kim's butt to prove to the tabloids that she does not have butt implants. And there are people (probably in their neighborhood) dying because they can't afford to get simple, life-saving procedures because they don't have health insurance. Strike 1.

And something about this wedding lead up made me hopeful for Kim and NBA player Kris Humphries. The 'nuptials' farted in front of each other. They played. They laughed, and bickered, and made up. He, a country-boy from humble beginnings, pushed her to move past her materialism. It almost - just almost - seemed like they were human. For a brief moment, I was able to look past the digusting diarreah of extravagance that they planned for their wedding (she wore an unnecessary 3 Vera Wang dresses - Strike 2), and I hoped that they would make it and buck the trend of celebrity-ism.

But, they didn't make it, and I am so disappointed, and let-down, and ashamed for them. But I'm also livid. What a huge waste of resources in a time of extreme economic turmoil for most of the f-ing planet. If they cut out just one element of their wedding, think of all the good they could have done for one person, or a family, or a community...or a freaking country! The lavishness was disgusting even if their marriage had lasted, but since it was so fleeting, it's even more enraging.

Strike 3.

So, I've cancelled the recordings. Unliked them on Facebook. Refuse to buy the People magazine with this story on the cover. I'm just over it - slightly sad to lose my vice, but this was the last straw, and they have made it easy to move my small house...with my one wedding dress that I got ON SALE at David's Bridal hanging in my closet...and with my husband who, during OUR rehearsal, was by my side, holding my hand, supporting me as we both cried tears of joy throughout the whole thing.

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  1. This is hilarious! Good for you, girl! Stick to your guns and find another vice!