November 20, 2011

Home Making

Right now, Ry and I are "house making." We live in a great little house; we cook a lot; the house is warm, clean and full of cats. And we do a lot of other things that are considered "home making." However, for us right now, it feels more like "house making." We feel at home, but we have grander plans for making a home.

We are in the incredibly early stages of building a house (a home, really) in Massachusetts. To put it in perspective, we are in month two of a possible 5 year plan, so it's really early on. But, we have land adjacent to my parent's land, adjacent to the property I grew up on. We are appreciative of how blessed we are to have the opportunity to have a little parcel of land, especially given how important it is to me, my extended family (cousins, uncles, aunts) and now to Ry. He quickly fell in love with the tiny New England town I've always known as home.

So, we "house make" in Vermont, and have just started "home making" in Massachusetts.

To date, we have picked up the checklist to apply for a building permit; we have drawn a few different house plans on napkins while at restaurants; and hung up decorative pennant flags on the lane. Most impressive, however, is how much we have cleared the land. With our wedding money, we purchased an investment - a chainsaw. Since then, we have spent five weekend days clearing the land.

Words can't describe how many trees Ry cut down, how much knotweed we've knocked down, how many tree tops I swamped into a huge burn pile, how many huge logs my father has moved (effortlessly) with the front end loader...or how fantastic it feels to compare before and after, and to walk around our newly cleared plot and dream. So, here are some pictures.

(before, courtesy of Jen Parker / Bob Keller)

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  1. So awesome. I can't wait to see what's next (and to burn things with yall!).