October 28, 2011

Weekly Menu - 10/31 - 11/4

(the view from my nook)

Hmm, what's on the menu!? My absolute favorite way to spend a weekend morning is to pour some French Pressed coffee into my favorite cream-colored Le Creuset mug that I bought in England, when hiking along the Cotswold Way with my Mom in 2009, and I purchased these two mugs for 9 pounds each, and I hauled them a hundred miles on foot (and then a few thousand through the air). Then I sit in my chair, with slippers and a blanket on, and NPR on the radio (maybe some Car Talk? Maybe some Wait Wait? Or how about Prairie Home Companion?!). I have next to me the most recent Bon Appetits, and Eating Wells (a new addition to the routine), and the Joy of Cooking, Barefoot Contessa and a smattering of other cookbooks I grab arbitrarily. And I plan the menu. I make the shopping list. I pour over recipes, and consider what ingredients we have on hand, what's in the garden, what's in season, what we haven't eaten in a while...and I take a luxurious amount of time planning it all out. Ahhhhh, to me this is heaven.

Let's see what I hope for this week.

Meatless Monday
  1. Breakfast - eggs
  2. Lunch - leftovers from Sunday
  3. Dinner - Saffron Risotto with Butternut Squash (Barefoot Contessa); Celery, Apple and Fennel Slaw (Bon Appetit July 2010)
  4. Snacks - apples and P-nut Butter

***Update: The risotto is amazing; will make again! And I never got to the slaw; instead we had steak (on Meatless Monday)***

  1. Breakfast - cream of wheat
  2. Lunch - Tamales at Mexican restaurant in Waterbury, for Dia de los Muertos
  3. Dinner - tuna casserole
  4. Snacks - Halloween candy (eeek)

***Update: Didn't do tuna casserole; instead did a breaded, baked chicken dish from the Joy of Cooking (Chicken with Onions)***

  1. Breakfast - eggs
  2. Lunch - leftovers
  3. Dinner - Taco Tuesday on Wednesday, for Kate and Don
  4. Snacks - carrot sticks and hummus
  1. Breakfast - eggs
  2. Lunch - rice and beans
  3. Dinner - salmon, brussel sprouts and rice (Eating Well)
  4. Snacks - cheese and crackers

***Update: The brussel sprouts were amazing! They were ones I had frozen, and we just popped them in the over with olive oil, salt and pepper, and they were like veggie popcorn chicken - meaty, hearty, crunchy, delicious.***

  1. Breakfast - yogurt and apple
  2. Lunch - leftovers
  3. Dinner - probably pizza from Jimmz, so good and so local and so easy, because I have a Board Meeting
  4. Snacks - chips and salsa

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